About Us

Where Learning Begins

Our School

We welcome students from all faiths to a safe and flourishing learning experience. Our nationally recognized accredited K-8th grade curriculum is designed for academic success at every educational level. Our Highland View Christian School certified staff specialize in personalized learning within an inclusive multi-grade classroom setting. The intentionally low student-to-staff ratio helps students to work above grade level as well as supports students who need more individualized attention.

Highland View Christian School serves students from as far as Whitehall, Deer Lodge, Anaconda, Boulder, and Dillon, MT.

Low Student-to-Staff Ratio

Supports students who need more individualized attention.

All Faiths Are Welcome

A safe and flourishing learning experience.

Project Based Learning

Learning activities in areas of music, life skills, outdoor school, and physical fitness.

A Strong STEAM Emphasis

Our school has integrated 21st-century technology for preparing students for a world that utilizes technology. In addition to a strong STEAM emphasis (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), a focused effort is on ‘hands-on’ project-based learning activities along with specialty learning in areas of music, life skills, outdoor school, and physical fitness. Christian leadership, character development, and community service are a big part of how we develop responsible and productive citizens.

Our Team

Jesica Cheever

Head Teacher

Ms. Cheever was homeschooled through the 12th grade and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education in 2017. She loves teaching and encouraging her students to walk with Jesus. She enjoys reading, crafts, adventures in nature and traveling the globe–she has visited 13 countries! Her goal is to motivate her students to cultivate a love of learning that will last their entire lives.

Mrs. Cheever

Student Accounts Manager

Mrs. Cheever is our volunteer treasurer for the school. She has worked as a bookkeeper and in collections for many years. She also homeschooled both of her daughters and understands the importance of a good education. Currently, she works as a collector. Her favorite activity is memorizing scriptures.

Doreen Kambich

School Board Chairman

Mrs. Kambich is our current Board Chair for our school. She became a Christian as a young adult and her relationship with Jesus has been growing ever since! She believes in HVCS because it’s here that a child can develop a well-rounded education and learn about the most important part of life–our eternity with Jesus. She and her husband have six adult children, three grandchildren, two large dogs and a cat. When they aren’t busy, they enjoy spending time outdoors.

Our Accreditations

Highland View Christian School is accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation and the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Curriculum standards, textbooks, and requirements follow guidelines laid out by the North American Division of Seventh-day and the Montana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.